March 13, 2023

Zahara's partner proposes in front of family and friends

Zahara is now engaged

He rallied family and friends to help put together the surprise proposal to singer and songwriter Bulelwa "Zahara' Mkutukana. Nervous, shaking but sure he is doing the right thing, Mpho Xaba, her partner of six months thought carefully before going down on one knee. 



Before the proposal, in an exclusive reveal to ZiMoja, Mpho says, "I know thatI am doing the right thing. I love her. But I am nervous, what If she says No?' Her assistant Lisa staged the entire thing and helped him to pick the ring. "It's a beautifully customized proposal ring. I know money is not important, but he paid R10 000 for the ring,' Lisa says. "We got flowers and covered the ring in a big balloon written 'Marry Me.' I had to pretend that she was attending a podcast to get her out of the house, we had her makeup done and everything was ready,' Lisa adds.


Mpho, an engineer customized her ring and made sure it was a true representation of her personality. "It is modest, yet glamorous and just a representation of her kindness and love.' After the stage interview, Zahara was called to her house for a plumbing emergency. "Lisa told me I needed to hurry home for an emergency. When I arrived in the lounge, I saw these big balloons written 'Marry me.' I said yes. I love him. He is supportive, kind, and generous.' Family and friends ululated as he went down on one knee, helping her to put on the ring. "I am so happy. But made I got tricked into a fake interview. But I am happy,' Zahara says.


The two have been together for six months and met through a mutual friend. "I came to her house for a family gathering and fell in love immediately. I was a little bit intimidated because I knew who she was. I won't act as If I don't know who she was, but I knew for me to approach her. I needed to be sure about my intentions. I love her because she accepts me for who I am without judgement."

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