January 14, 2023

"She's not ready for therapy"?" Babes Wodumo's sister speaks out on her breakdown

Babes Wodumo's sister Nondumiso says that people should allow her sister to grieve in her own way

Babes Wodumo's breakdown while performing Big Nuz's hit song Ngeke on stage last weekend left many heartbroken and concerned about her. But her sister Nondumiso has assured fans that they shouldn't worry. "Babes is okay. Everyday is different, some days she cries and some days she is okay. But we are giving her space," Nondumiso said. 



Nondumiso said Babes was not ready for therapy. "She will go when she is ready," Responding to reports that the family had taken Mampintsha's phone away from Babes, Nondumiso said: "We haven't taken her phone or Mandla's phone. We are allowing her to deal with the matter in the way she sees fit.' Nondumiso adds that they are all trying to come to terms with Mampintsha's death. "It's different for all of us. We are learning to adjust but we will not push Babes to mourn in a way that we see fit.' adding that her parents are also giving Babes space. "My dad is old, he doesn't even know what's happening on social media. He hears everything from us. People must let the man be.'


Drama and tension are still brewing between the Simelane and Maphumulo families. Last week, ZiMoja reported that Mampintsha's mother Zamanguni Gumede had been hospitalised following a minor stroke and liver complications. Mampintsha's sister reached out to his supporters asking for donations to take their mother to a private hospital. "I heard that the Simelane family knows that she is in hospital, but I am afraid of being the one that calls them and behaves as though I am harassing them. I don't know what we have done to them. We are not greedy people; I just want her to be okay so she can deal with her son's death. Even the new teeth that Mandla put on her are starting to rot and the doctor needs to remove them, but he can't because we don't have money.' Pinky says visiting her mother in the hospital is costly. "I am even scared to ask them for help. It is costing me more than R140 to travel to the hospital every day to see uMa and I am running out of funds.' The Simelane family says they have not been informed by Mampintsha's family about Zamanguni's hospitalisation. Babes Wodumo's sister tells ZiMoja that they do not believe she is in the hospital. "If she was really sick, Pinky would call us and tell the family. Why has no one phoned us?' Nondumiso Simelane asks. "Pinky has a big problem. She is the evil sister-in-law that nobody wants. She wanted to choose a wife for Mandla and when that didn't happen, she made sure she made life difficult for everyone,' she adds. "Babes even tried to make peace with the mother-in-law, but Pinky got in the way of that. Babes sent groceries during the funeral arrangements, but she is still ungrateful. She is going around telling people we received Mandla's life cover, but we didn't. She is evil.' 



Pinky has since updated ZiMoja with news saying that Mampintsha's mom has been diagnosed with TB. "We are still waiting for final tests to inform us what type of TB it is,' she says. "She will be moved to a different ward, and we will know exactly what the issue is.' Zamanguni is recovering well and can now speak after losing her voice. "Last week she could not walk or speak, today she looks much better. She is definitely getting better. She is eating and taking medication. We just need results so she can be able to take the correct treatment for the specific TB.We will know after receiving the new batch of blood tests,' Pinky adds. 





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