November 30, 2022

Nota Baloyi pisses Slikour off again!

Instead of apologising, Nota Baloyi has dished out the dirtiest vulgar on rapper Slikour
Slikour is furious that Nota is unapologetic for his actions

The war between Siyabonga Metane aka Slikour and social media influencer Nota Baloyi is spiralling out of control. Following Slikour's  R250 000 defamation lawsuit in March 2022 against Nota, Slikour has further added more claims by inserting  more claims.  This is after a defiant Nota sent Slikour two separate voice notes, via WhatsApp, in which the he insulted him calling him derogatory names.  

The controversial Nota Baloyi


In the first voice note he said, "I don't want your messages, b*&%. I don't want your messages. Your kids are gonna pay for it. Your kids are gonna know that their dad is a loser... I'm not gonna beat up your kids or threaten violence. Nah nigga (sic), I'm a cyber war criminal. You understand what I'm saying? I'm gonna dominate you with cyber warfare. The internet is going to be littered with your shame...' In another voice note he said: "...I will destroy you. Don't wish me luck. You are nothing. I will destroy you. I destroy you with a tweet dawg. A hundred and 40 characters ends your whole entire reputation... You're a loser man. You're a user that's it. You've got nothing. You got nothing. Nothing. Nothing. You go out there claiming all this nonsense. Claiming all this nonsense. Abusing Flabba's name. Selling your own brother out. Selling him out to losers...."


Later that day, on 30 October 2022, Nota took to his Twitter page and he published two videos in which he made the following defamatory statements about the Slikour. The lawsuit highlighted that the voice notes humiliated and insulted Slikour and further said the statements were pronounced with the intention to humiliate and insult, demean and disparage him among other things.


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