February 14, 2023

Minnie Dlamini takes a break from TV

Minnie Dlamini takes a break from TV presenting

Minenhle Dlamini-Jones is officially taking a break from appearing on TV but will be working behind the scenes. The much-loved star will be focusing on finding Minnie, as the actress and TV presenter is known in the media and celebrity circles.



Minnie will follow the likes of Carol Bouwer who left the small screen for production. 

She told ZiMoja that she is at a stage in her life she wants to focus on being behind the scenes and growing her production business. The former Live presenter told ZiMoja that her fans won't be seeing her on their small screen anytime soon. The mother of one says she has been spending her time writing and working on shows to help grow her company. Minnie's company has been producing a show on Channel O titled Own the O. She says she has always had passion for working behind the camera and through her Channel O show, she has learnt a lot when it comes to what goes around behind the scenes.




Minnie, who has not been on screen since her show was canned last year, says she has been turning down offers for a few shows offers because they do not speak to her soul, and she won't take anything for the sake of money. "The shows I have been offered don't make sense to me, hence I am taking time off to focus on my company. "I have been writing and submitting shows, and it is too early to divulge more at the moment,' she adds. Minnie says she is not officially resigning from appearing on TV yet, but now, her passion is in writing and production. She says: "When the rights how comes along, I will do it for sure."




Minnie recently shared her experiences on Kaya FM about how people have been meaning to her on social media. Minnie was trending on Tuesday after she was featured in a magazine cover alongside actress Connie Chume. Tweeps though she didn't deserve to be next to the legend. "I feel sorry for people who feel the need to be nasty for absolutely no reason in social media, like who hurt you do you need a hug coz life moves on and you stuck with all the nastiness in your aura,' she said.



Minnie also reveals to ZiMoja that her divorce has not yet been finalised and she cannot wait to get her surname back."I can't wait to get my surname back, although I changed it on all my social media platforms. But it's not official yet.' she added.


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