December 09, 2022

Masasa and Gwydion's relationship ends in tears

Their relationship started on a high and ended on a sombre low
Pictures: Supplied

Seasoned actress Masasa Mbangeni (35) is said to be nursing a broken heart after parting ways with her producer man Gwydion Beynon. They were a picture-perfect couple, attending award ceremonies together, and sharing snaps of special occasions and romantic getaways. But what seemed like the perfect relationship ended in tears.


The former Scandal! The actress has been on the road to healing after a dramatic breakup a few months ago. The couple who had been posting each other consistently decided to part ways for many reasons. According to close friends, the award-winning screenwriter and co-founder of Tshedza pictures are responsible for creating shows like The River, and The Queen. "She was a heartbroken shame,' says the friend. "It ended badly and abruptly, and she wasn't handling the breakup.'


Masasa and Gwydion had moved in together a few months into their burning flame of an affair. "They got too excited too soon, maybe,' says the friend. "S*it hit the fan when she quit her job as a Drama lecturer and went back to acting. That's where the danger was. Acting is frustrating because there is no sustainable income in South Africa,' the friend adds. "She should go abroad. I think that got to Gwydion. The fact that she wasn't really working. But they looked so good together and we thought they would eventually get married because they had met each other's families.' The friend says she has recovered though. "But I doubt she will be dating anytime soon, But I hope he at least gives her work in one of their productions, but I highly doubt with the way things ended.' Both Masasa and Gwydion were unreachable for comment.

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