December 08, 2022

MacG fires AyaProw from Podcast and Chill for being “too big for the show”

AyaProw recently released his album titled Value Of Time and hosted a listening session at Obitz Lounge in Parktown.

He is one of the voices that 'Chillers' grew to love on the Podcast and Chill show with Macgyver 'MacG' Mukwevho, Sol Phenduka, and Ghost Lady. DJ, producer, and sound engineer Ayabulela Phakade popularly known as AyaProw handles the sound for Podcast and Chill and often contributes his opinion when regularly. AyaProw recently released his album titled Value Of Time and hosteda listening session at Obitz Lounge in Parktown Johannesburg. Besides making music, he is a businessman and runs his own Sound Engineering company where they service Podcast and Chill. Since the release of his album, he has not been working on MacG's YouTube channel. When asked by his Twitter followers when he will be returning to the show, Aya simply replied, "Unfortunately that is not up to me.' His followers started assuming that the music had taken over and he no longer has time for the podcast. "I just knew that music would come inbetween,' one follower said. "So, they made it seem like you were too busy? Kanti meanwhile back at the ranch, they don't want you no more,' said another. AyaProw has remained mum about his return to the podcast.



An employee of the Podcast and Chill show says that MacG's ego has started to soar since he has been raking in the money. "He has become too arrogant and mistreats people. If you disagree with him, he snaps,' says the source. "He is starting to even do strange things. We once went on a work trip and he bought himself food alone. He ate while we watched.' Another close friend of the show says that Aya was dismissed after he released his album. "MacG hates anyone doing better than him,' the friend of the podcast says. "He got jealous when Aya announced that he was releasing an album. He felt he was getting too big for the podcast and he is intimidated.' The friend adds that MacG did not attend AyaProw's album launch. "That hurt Aya badly because he considered MacG a friend, a brother and they were growing in this together. He thought he would support him.  Instead, he told him days before the album release to take a few days off and focus on the music. "Aya didn't know what that meant because he always makes time for anything related to the podcast. His music was not coming in the way of his work. After being given leave indefinitely, Aya then decided to visit how Cape Town for a bit. He came back a day before his listening session. Sol attended but MacG did not, he didn't congratulate him. Instead, he sidelined him from the podcast,' the friend adds.



It's been almost a month since AyaProw released his album and he has not been called in for work. "From what I know Aya's contract ends in April 2023. MacG has shot a few podcasts using other people and not Aya's company,' says another source. "His sound team has also not been called. He fired him without saying basically. When Aya asked when his leave ends, he was told, he has more time for his music and not the podcast. But Mac G was the one who gave him time off. He is just jealous. He wants everyone to worship him and to only work on the Podcast,' he says. "He is doing exactly what was done to him when he was still employed at the radio stations. He has turned into the people that he used to hate.' The friend says he is worried about Sol' who seems to agree with everything MacG says. "MacG still needs Sol because he knows the podcast would be dead without him or it wouldn't do so well. But, he is also on thin ice. With him having the job at Kaya and releasing music, MacG is threatened,' he adds. "He is a controlling bully. He doesn't want anyone to do better than him. Aya is not the only person that been having issues with him. MacG needs to take him back or he might have to consult his legal team. But he doesn't want to. He is too nice. He is just hurt about how everything has played out.' Upon contacting Aya, he chose to reserve his comment on the matter. "No comment at the moment.,' he told ZiMoja. AyaProw's manager Melitta Ngalonkulu says she only deals with AyaProw's music. "I can't comment on what he does outside of the music. He has other business ventures that I choose not to involve myself in,' she says. After numerous calls and a text, MacG was unavailable for comment.



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