February 09, 2023

Lawrence Maleka sets the record straight on his relationship with actress Zenokuhle Maseko

Zenokuhle Maseko and Lawrence Maseko on The River set

There have been several reports about Big Brother Titans host Lawrence Maleka's relationship with actress and TV presenter Zenokuhle Maseko. The two have been reported to have been married. Speaking at his farewell event before his exit on The River, Lawrence addressed speculation around his relationship with Zenokuhle and those who criticised her talent.



On the River, Zenokuhle played the role of Mbali Dikana. Her character was the youngest Dikana to sadly pass away in a car crash after fighting with her mother, Lindiwe. Since joining The River a few years ago and eventually being written off the script, Zenokuhle received a lot of criticism from some people on social media who questioned her acting skills. In her defense, Lawrence addressed critics and complemented Zenokuhle's growth as an actress. "Can I just clarify something, whilst we are here. Zenokuhle Maseko is not only talented, but you expect her to not put in the effort, you expect her not to show up because there is a stigma around being pretty,' Lawrence says. "For me, Zeno is extremely gifted, and to dismiss her and any actress as just being pretty is a very big insult.' Lawrence says he has seen her growth. "Zeno got to grow, and I got to grow with her. She has been amazing to watch, and I am extremely proud of her every single day,' he says.



Addressing the reports on whether they were married or dating, Lawrence set the record straight and categorically put it on record that he and Zenokuhle were not married. "We are not married,' he says. "Zeno is my actual baby cousin. We are not married. I just want to acknowledge her and let people know for the rumours to stop.' 

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