March 07, 2023

“I'm trying to get my woman back” ?" Themba explains why Mphowabadimo kicked him out of their home

Mphowabadimo and Themba are now married and expecting their first baby

He found out on social media that his fiancé and reality show star Michelle "Mmphowabadimo' Mvundla had packed his belongings into black bags and kicked him out of the apartment they were sharing. Themba "Broly' Mabaso tells ZiMoja that he messed up and has not been present for his heavily pregnant girlfriend.



This week, Themba says he was admitted into KwaZulu-Natal hospital for a hand operation after doctors told him he might need to have his hand amputated if he does not go through with the operation. "I got into a car accident in 2019 and my hand was operated on. I hurt the same hand again in 2021 and the plate had to be fixed,' Themba says. "This time, the hand was bruised. I didn't think anything of it until it started swelling up. T went for a check and the doctor told me that I needed to operate immediately or else I would lose my hand and have it amputated.' Themba says due to his new-found fame, he couldn't go to a public hospital, he needed private hospital care and the only hospital that was within his means was in KwaZulu-Natal.



"The operation cost me R80 000 and the hospital stay was R15 000,' he says. "I didn't want to stress Mpho, she is pregnant and already, you know how stressful pregnancy can be. So, I left without telling her.' Themba says he realised that leaving without saying anything was a bad idea. "I told her that I needed some space, just get away. That was a lie, I didn't want to burden her with my problems. She kept calling me, but I was highly medicated.' Themba says he saw on social media that his belongings had been packed. "She didn't say it was over but packing my things, that is a sign.' But he refuses to let his relationship go, just like that. "I know I'm not perfect. I am crazy, but I love Mpho.' Since he returned from the operation, he slept in the recording studio on the first night and in his car on the second night. "I can't go back home and I can't go to our place because she kicked me out. I only managed to secure a temporary place now, today. I am going to fight for our relationship, I don't care who says what. I know I messed up.' Themba is in the process of finalising lobola negotiations with Mpho's family. "I will call the whole family If I have to, I just want to make things right.'



Not long ago, Mpho was dealing with Themba's baby mama drama. His ex-girlfriend and mother of his two kids, Nqobile Khuzwayo who stars in his reality show Themba: My Inked World addressed parenting and money matters within their relationship. Nqobile brought up how he met Mphowabadimo and also demanded he pays for her new apartment. "I was down for you, I helped you. I am also a priority to you because I helped you, so you also need to help me.' In the heated argument, Themba admits to repeatedly cheating on Nqobile but says he has moved on with Mphowabadimo. "You like to rub your relationship in my face. You said you were not going to be with someone in the house, but you ended up with someone in the house and you rub it in my face,' Nqobile said.

Mphowabadimo has since addressed her concerns as this is not the first time Nqobile is bringing her name up in their arguments. "I am not upset, kodwa If I ever see a stupid number calling my phone, I will not take it lying down. I even lost work because of the scandals you put to my name. I have not forgotten lala, but I have been quiet.' Mphowabadimo added that she is not desperate and would survive without Themba. "So, you can post Themba and his face. I don't fight for a man. I have nothing to prove. My existence does not rely on my relationship with Themba. I am Mphowabadimo, with or without Themba Broly. I am not desperate.'

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