March 13, 2023

“I would never lay a hand on a woman” ?" Emtee moves out after being released on bail

Emtee says he needs to leave the relationship before things become worse

He is being shamed and labelled an abuser after a live Instagram video showing a quarrel with the mother of his two kids and one on the way, Nicole Kendall Ndevu (neé Chinsamy). In the Instagram live video, rapper, Mthembeni "Emtee' Ndevu is heard asking why his mother-in-law is in his house, to which she responded that she wanted to protect her daughter who is allegedly being abused. Nicole is then seen walking to the bedroom to fetch her cell phone and brings it to the camera to show a bruised eye. "This is what he did to me,' she says in the video. "Show them what you did to me, how you beat me up on Valentine's Day. Here's the proof. He beat me up while I'm seven months pregnant.' Emtee denies it and removes his phone from showing the picture with Nicole's bruises. "When did I beat you?' he says before repeatedly asking her to leave him alone.



Nicole has since opened a case of assault against the award-winning rapper at the Midrand Police station. Police spokesperson Mavela Masondo confirmed that there was a warrant of arrest out on Emtee and he handed himself into the police station. "He handed himself in on Wednesday, 8 March and he was taken to the Midrand Magistrates' Court the same day.'



Speaking to ZiMoja, Emtee says he handed himself over to the police as he has nothing to hide. "I was informed that a warrant of arrest was out. I know I have nothing to hide, I am not an abuser. I went to the police station with my lawyer.' He says he was then taken to court and the matter was postponed to a later date. The My Life rapper denies ever laying a hand on Nicole and says she is the physically abusive one. "She is abusive. She hits me. She got her bruises after coming at me. She came charging at me and I defended myself. I did not hit her. I held her and shook her. Why would never hit a woman and a heavily pregnant one at that.' Emtee's wife is seven months pregnant with their third child. "She is the mother of my kids. She is heavily pregnant, why would I do something of the sort?' Emtee says Nicole has painted him out to be a monster which is ruining his reputation. "I have worked very hard to go down as abusive to women,' he says. "She needs to come out and tell the truth.'



Emtee says he and Nicole love each other, but the marriage has become very toxic, and he is in the process of moving out. "I have not been home much to try and avoid conflict. She has been the one that has been abusive toward me for years. She hits me and then plays the victim.' Emtee says he and Nicole are working on living separate lives but still co-parenting. "I am in the process of moving out. I realised we shouldn't be together. She can stay in the house for the sake of the kids, but I can't do this anymore. Things can become really bad and I don't want this to be another Flabba situation. One mistake and something wrong might happen.' 



This is not the first time the couple is dealing with issues of abuse. In 2020, in a series of tweets, the rapper revealed that he is scared ofNicole. In a cry for help, he expressed that he wants to be single because hecan't handle the toxic relationship after she allegedly called the police twiceon him lying that she was being abused. "Can I be single, please? I'm a man of peace. Ang'zwani namasimba. Sizani bo! Seng'ze nga bizelwa ama poyisa ka bilingingenzanga lutho bathatha yonke Intsangu yam. Uthi mina ngiyam'shaya lapho ushayamina, thuka mina' he shared. 

He also stated that Nicole calls her brothers, mother, and uncles on him often, and says her mother is also abusive towards him. "Nomama wakhona who tried to choke me and I saw the evil in her as she was holding me by the throat against the wall. I haven't freshened up in two days cos I can't stand being in the same room as this person. She's hit me, bruised me, and choked me over the, so I'm scared FR.' He went on to say he doesn't understand why she is sweet to everyone but bitter towards him. "Same niggathat's putting food on the table. I'm done with all this shit man. My kids will have to forgive me dawg. I gotta split before shit ends in tears. I love my kids to death.' Taking to Instagram, Nicole released a statement saying that the abuse accusations were "false' and an "attack' on her character. "I would like to address the false accusations made against me by Mthembeni Ndevu(Emtee's real name). Firstly the claim made by Mthembeni that I physically abuse him is completely false and is a fabrication designed to attack my character,' her statement read. Nicole further says other incidents happened behind the scenes, which she had refused to bring to the public. "I will no longer protect someone who is trying to destroy my life by making false accusations about me. This is a blatant attempt to tarnish my name and my family's name. The truth as to the core reason for the public fallout will be revealed,' Nicole wrote.

Nicole could not be reached for comment

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