February 21, 2023

“I was raped then she was conceived” -Zookey Zarling claims Kay Sibiya is the father of one of her children

Former radio presenter says her child is a blessing, despite how she was conceived.

In 2019, former Uzalo actor Khumbulani 'Kay' Sibiya and his girlfriend Judie Kama welcomed a baby boy. But since 2014, radio personality Zukiswa "Zookey Zarling' Vutela and actor Kay have had an ongoing battle over a child. The former radio personality turned sangoma has insisted her teenage daughter was conceived after an alleged rape ordeal and she has been struggling to get the actor to accept their daughter. 


In lengthy posts on social media, which include a video, voice notes, and snaps, the former radio personality details how Kay allegedly slept with her "forcefully thinking that she is drunk,' she says. "This is my story and the truth about my daughter Zia-Mia, how I was raped then she was conceived,' she says. "I've been quiet about it for the longest time, and how he was sent to kill me. First, he drugged and raped me, then when I woke up, found an expired condom inside of me. So now I do not care even if they try again to kill me when I tell my story.' 


Zookey says she has never been married to Kay and never denied him a paternity test. She met his parents and offered to show them her daughter. "This is not an expose. But a plea for my child to grow with the dignity she deserves and not in a shadow of a man that keeps destroying her name and dignity. Zia is Arabic for God's splendor, Mia is Hebrew for light, and Italian for Mine (Wami!) So asiyekwe. Children are a blessing from God. This Khumbulani guy must not make my daughter a shadow of his darkness or his perfect son. She is the light that she is. In spite of how she was born.' Zookey also says that her second-born child, out of the three she has, is with music executive Don Laka and they have a healthy co-parenting relationship unlike that of Kay. "Everyone knows, even Trompies knows about Don Laka, we are at peace with it.'


She goes on the share an open letter she wrote to Kay and his family stating despite her experience, she is unemployable because of the paternity and alleged rape scandal. "You've destroyed my reputation and all my hard work (accolades). So, it's not like I don't have problems. I do but just ignore them and forgive, roll with the punches, heal, and move on so that I can be on top of my game,' she says. "Angikhathalelwe kuthandwa nakuhlonishwa (I don't care to be loved and respected). I just do what I do best. But my forgiving and loving nature must not be mistaken for foolishness.'


Zookey rants about her accolades before expressing that she will not back down from her truth. "Khumbulani Sibiya's parents profusely apologised but then he kicked them out his home anyway and I have been helping them ,' she says. "Mind you, they were my babysitters for Zia and I chose to make peace because dlozi is for peace,' she adds. 'I was just shocked that even my ex's who are wealthy and relevant don't appear but this b***h of a man that keeps speaking nonsense about me. As early as last year usaphika uZia (denying Zia) after so many other attempts on my life and career and and and...' She categorically states that she never dated him and was never interested in him. "Leave my name alone. Zia is my blessing if you don't want her. You are still denying your child, that is okay, just leave my name alone. Judie's mother complains about you not marrying her, you know you can't. You impregnated me while I was married to a Zimbabwean man.' Zookey says she is tired and she is speaking up for those who have been abused, raped and have been threatened. "This child will grow up and see the stories. She calls another man dada. Leave my name out, of it, you rubbish!' Kay Sibiya was not been available for comment despite numerous attempts to reach him.



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