February 07, 2023

“I have never been challenged like this in my career” - Idols SA judge as the show comes to an end

IDOLS SA judges are ready to close off the show with season 19

It has been confirmed, IDOLS SA is coming to an end after 21 years of making stars and creating memorable moments for the South African music industry. All the music hopefuls who still wish to try their luck have one last chance to make their dreams come true in season 19, and then it will be the end. Season 18 had close to 9000 hopefuls audition for the first instalment of the popular show. In the end, SAPS counsellor, Thapelo Mololo was crowned the winner and he is gearing up to release his project with Kalawa Jazmee Records. Emotional and grateful, the judges bid the show farewell.


Looking back at all the seasons that he has judges, Somizi Mhlongo says that season 18has been the best they have had so far. "To be quite honest, season 18 has been the best season I've ever done, talent-wise. I had fun,' he says. "With me, the outfit changes, hairstyles, make-up, and glam were on another level. But the talent was on another level,' he says. "Thank God, and it's because of you, guys.' Somizi's highlights are Nozi's Jennifer Hudson performance. "Also, Thapelo's Hugh Masekela performance.'


Thembi Seete joined the judging panel with the theme, "Singing a Different Tune' along with music producer JR Bogopa."Everything on the show was a surprise,' she says. "To sum it up, this was the best time of my life. I have never been challenged like this ever in my career. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. Thank you, guys, for your support, and thank you for watching. Season 18 was the highlight of my life;2022 I will never forget you.' Thembi's highlights include "Every person that was on that stage performed, brought something unique, but Thapelo guys. There was never a time when Thapelo was on that stage, and I didn't laugh and have a good time. He took this experience, and he made it his own, He was amazing from episode one.'


Thabo "JR' Bogopa joined the IDOLS SA team on season 18 and commends the show on its impeccable organisation and order. "This season has been a success from my point of view, in terms of the amount of talent that came through from audition phases and the number of crowds that came, 3 000 every episode in this venue without fail. People bought tickets without fail. It's a well-oiled machine, well-run, tightly run and the production is unmatched.' Jr's highlight was showstopper week. "The Babyface Thapelo rendition was a great highlight for me because that is where we saw people come out of their shells and give us a lot,' Jr says Idols should be a steppingstone for the bigger picture. "IDOLS is a steppingstone of what is to become. is not the end or be all, this is where you start your career, the biggest catapult of your life. This is where it's going to springboard from.'


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