February 20, 2023

“I don't want to be used as a weapon to fight King Misuzulu's leadership,” Women rights activist Sihle Sibisi

King Misuzulu kaZwelithinu with activist Sihle Sibisi who confirmed they have had an affair

Women rights activist Sihle Sibisi has condemned those who want to use her name to fight Zulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini 's leadership. This comes after Sunday newspapers reported that she was intimidated and her life threatened after her relationship with the King ended.



According to City Press, Sibisi, who is the founder of  Kwanele Foundation said she was intimidated after her relationship with the King ended. She told the publication that she was fearing for her life. She also opened an intimidation charge at the Douglasdale police station last week saying that she has been receiving anonymous calls from people threatening to kill her.


 Speaking to ZiMoja, Sibisi confirmed that she indeed dated King Misuzulu. "I hate this thing of being used in the royal house battles. The people who go around spreading fake news about me are the same people that did not want Misuzulu to ascend the throne. They are now using my name to tarnish the King's image,' she said.


 Sibisi further said that she dated Misuzulu because she understands polygamy. "It is unfair to accuse me of being a homewrecker when I do understand polygamy. I loved that man and I still do but we are better off apart. This thing of spreading lies about me is not on. I am at peace with being single now,' she said.Sibisi declined to comment on allegations that she miscarried Misuzulu's child. "Andizi, I am not commenting on anything relating to those allegations. Yes we dated and yes we were in love but I was never desperate for a marriage. It was just umjolo and it ended. It's not like he was having an affair with me alone. There are other ladies that he was dating while I was part of his life,' she said.The royal family has not commented on the matter.


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