January 11, 2023

"I don't bleach, I steam" Msawawa on allegations of bleaching

Msawawa has left tongues wagging as he has become lighter in complexion leading to speculation that he is bleaching

Kwaito singer turned gospel musician, Msawawa has dismissed allegations that he bleached his skin. Real name Sboniso Dlamini from Clermont township outside Durban, Msawawa will be following in the footsteps of Kelly Khumalo, the late kwaito singer and stablemate Mshoza and DJ Sthelo to name a few, if the rumours of bleaching are true. Speaking to ZiMoja, Msawawa distanced himself from the bleaching allegations. "Listen here my brother, I'm  a Zulu man. I'm a typical Zulu man who does not believe in such nonsense. I'm a real man. I have been married before and there is no Zulu man that can do such nonsense. The picture that is trending is very old. I think I took that picture in 2018.  People love to focus on the negative instead of the positive," he said.

Msawawa before he started getting lighter in complexion


Msawawa said that the reason he is looking a bit lighter in complexion is because he steams his body every now and then. "I steam my body to cleanse myself. There is no way that I could bleach myself. Even now, I'm looking good and my skin is smooth because I steam my body. I don't do that bleaching nonsense," said the Bowungakanani hit maker.


In December Msawawa hosted about 4000 children and 100 grandmothers to celebrate Christmas Day with them on the 23rd of December. "It is no use for someone to enjoy money while your neighbours are hungry.We are trying to build a society that cares. Each one must help one and that is why I have taken a decision to have these projects under  the brand Msawawa," he said.


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