April 15, 2023

Generations: The Legacy top actor fired for being 'difficult'

Musa Ngwenya's character on Generations has been killed

Generations actor and fan favourite, Musa Ngema was allegedly fired from the SABC 1 soapie for being dramatic. ZiMoja sources says Ngema, who plays Mazwi Moroka on the show, was shown the door because of strained relationships with fellow actors and other crew members.  



According to a trusted source, troubles started when he was told to work on his pronunciation and stop stuttering when talking. He was offended and allegedly started having a bad attitude. "His character was unceremoniously written off apparently because he was not getting along with the cast and his speech was bad when it came to pronouncing words. When they tried showing him his weaknesses, he would be angry, "said the mole.  ZiMoja has learnt that his character will be killed. 


Ngema's depature will be used to welcome back Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo. According to the source, their first appearance will be at Mazwi Moroka's funeral. ZiMoja has also learnt that producers invited Moopi Mothibeli who played the part of Smanga Moroka but he turned down the offer. "He gave them the middle finger and told them he was not interested,'. In a statement to ZiMoja, Generations said there was no bad blood between the production and Ngema. "We would like to take this opportunity to address the situation and provide some clarity. As with any long running television show, the decision to write a character out of the series is never an easy one. The reality is that in a world with so much content, soapies have to let go of some characters and introduce new ones to keep the show interesting and spring surprises on the audience," the statement said. "The writing department has worked hard to ensure that the departure of Musa Ngema is handled in a way that is true to the story and respectful to the fans. He has done a fantastic job of portraying the character, and we are grateful for his dedication and commitment to the role.Once again, we thank him for his contribution," the statement read.




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