January 12, 2023

Enhle Mbali admits to being a nyatsi!

Enhle Mbali has admitted that she is willing to be isithembu

DJ Black Coffee's estranged wife Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has admitted to being in a relationship with a married man, Justice Huni, and has expressed her willingness to be his second wife.


This comes after Huni's wife Valentina Bango leaked a voice recording of her conversation with Enhle. In the call, Enhle pours her heart out about her willingness to be in the polygamous marriage and how she understands that Valentino was not willing to have her as a sister wife. In the conversation with the former Isibaya actress and TV personality, Valentina mentions how displeased she is with the fact that Enhle and her husband were carrying on with their relationship even though she did not agree to isithembu. "As far as I heard from him, you guys have decided to continue with your relationship,' Valentina asks Enhle. "That is not what we spoke about. The last time we spoke, I was waiting for what you had to say,' Enhle says. "What I am hearing from him is that Nina niyaqhubeka (you are carrying on) regardless of what I want,' Valentina adds.


In the call Enhle said she sympathises with Valentina, and she did not intend for her to feel the way she does. "You were hurt when you spoke to me. I know that feeling. It is not a feeling I want anyone to go through. Which is why I kept silent, and I took it in, and I took your pain,' she says. "I completely understood where you were coming from. I've been thinking back, and I was like, you know what, ok let's try. From that trying, I was telling him that I was asking a lot of questions with regard to what it entails to be in Isithembu.' Enhle goes on to tell Valentina that she had done some research about polygamy, and she knows what she is signing up for. "Apart from what I watched in a couple of shows; I know people in South Africa, and a couple of friends who are in Isithembu. I have done my homework, and I knew it needed to be received at home first,' Enhle adds. At the time of publication, Enhle was trending on social media, many criticising her and labelling her a desperate, home wrecker, among other labels. Some angry people have predicted that her relationship with Huni will not end well.


When called for comment Mbali's ex?"boyfriend Peter Sebiloane, who she dated after separating from her husband, admitted that they broke up, however, he admitted knowing Mbali's new squeeze as her friend. "He has always been around. The time Mbali and I were dating, I knew him as a friend and am as shocked as everyone,' he tells ZiMoja.


In a statement issued on Wednesday morning, Huni denied dating Enhle and says they had been friends since they were teens. "It is with great regret that I have to use social media to address issues pertaining to my personal life. In the past few weeks, allegations were levelled by my wife, about my friend who is also my business associate, Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa. I categorically deny everything stated about Enhle pertaining to the nature of mine and Enhle's relationship." Huni says Enhle got herself into a messy issue as she was covering for him as a friend. He didn't mention what Enhle was covering for him. "I regrettably understand that my statement could be moments too late and a narrative built already about her, she is one of the boys and covered for me. She does not deserve any of this. I will throughout the process to assist in clarifying any more illegal footage from a significant other. This is a matter that needs to be handled within my household as other issues have been in the past and never has extended to any further to any other third party,' the statement concludes.




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