January 30, 2023

Duduzane Zuma's political ambitions cost him his marriage

Duduzane Zuma and his wife Shanice Stork are reportedly separated

Controversial and hunky son of former President Jacob Zuma, Duduzane Zuma and his wife are allegedly heading for splitsville. ZiMoja can reveal that Duduzane and his media shy wife Shanice Stork have separated. A reliable source close to the situation confirms that Stork moved out of their matrimonial home and is back at her parents' after the couple could not resolve their issues.  According to the source things have not been fine between the couple due to Duduzane 's busy political schedule. The couple married in 2015.



Duduzane, who is Newland East ANC ward11 branch chairperson in Durban, had made his intentions known before that he would run for president in the next elections as a candidate for the African National Congress (ANC). Duduzane didn't have numbers from the branches before the ANC 55th Elective Conference and President Cyril Ramaphosa who was contesting the position with Dr Zweli Mkhize came out victorious. He said last year that the ANC needs "fresh and younger perspectives'. "I feel like I have something to offer,'. "It is just taking politics from an old man and woman's game and changing it to a young man and woman's game,' he said in an interview with 987 last year. 


The source adds that Duduzane became so consumed by his political ambition that he neglected his wife. According to the source, Stork got tired, and her house was turned into a political conference. "There were always comrades in and out of their house; she could no longer take it. Stork could not stand the fact that their home was always full of strangers having meetings with Duduzane and talking politics. "This annoyed her because she loves her space,' the source added.  



According to the source, Stork allegedly moved out of her matrimonial home in March 2022. "Things became worse before the November 2021 Local Government Elections. Duduzane cared about nothing but his political ambitions that he neglected his duties as a husband,' the source added. Stork was reportedly tired of constantly fighting for her husband's attention while Duduzane was busy with secret meetings. "She kept fighting for her man's attention and it was exhausting for her,' adds the source. Another source says Duduzane does not behave like a married man, he is constantly out and about if he is not travelling abroad.



ZiMoja understands that the family is trying to intervene, and they have had meetings trying to knock some sense into the couple to reconsider their decision before things could escalate further. Another source says the couple is still deeply in love and still care about each other. "There is no doubt that they love each other, but Duduzane needs to forget about his political career and focus on being a good husband to his wife. ``says the source. Efforts to reach the couple proved fruitless as Duduzane's phone rang unanswered and he ignored our text's messages. We also tried his Dubai number which went straight to voicemail.

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