May 02, 2023

DJ Tira's wife denies having an affair with musician

Gugu Khathi says she is ready for a street fight with Sli, who has accused her of cheating on DJ Tira

DJ Tira's wife Gugu Khathi has denied rumours that she is having an affair with Tebogo Lerole of Kwela Tebza band. This comes after gender activist Sli Khumalo accused Tebogo of trying to make her share a hotel room with his girlfriend so that he could sleep with Gugu during the Eastern Cape SUV challenge event last weekend.


ZiMoja is in possession of a voice note exchanged between Gugu and Sli ,who were both part of the SUV Challenge. Speaking to ZiMoja, Sli says trouble started when they got to the hotel. She adds that there was a problem and shortage of rooms. According to her, Tebogo had come with his plus one from Joburg but wanted Sli to share a room with the woman. "I refused to share a room with some random girl who came with Tebogo while he wanted to share a room with Gugu,' says Sli.  


Sli says the following day, she received a text from Tebogo confronting her about refusing to share her hotel room and calling her selfish. "He had already given me an attitude, but I was taken aback when he said I'm selfish for refusing to share my room with his girl so that he could have a good time with Gugu,' she adds. Sli says shortly after she told Tebogo off, she received a rude text from Gugu. "She wanted to bully me but came after the wrong one, she tried to tell me that I should leave her and her hubby alone they just celebrated their 10th year anniversary, I told her where to get off,' ZiMoja is in possession of the text messages and voice notes exchanged between the two. Sli says she won't allow anyone to bully her especially when she is minding her own business. "I don't mind people cheating but don't involve others and be a bully because you are known for beating people around. I am not scared of her,' she adds  


Last year, rumours that the dancer-businesswoman and the record label boss were getting divorced began circulating online after the couple arrived at the SAMAs separately. However, Gugu squashed them as untrue. She was quoted saying that they are still happy. "I don't know where they'd get that from. Maybe it was because I was late to the Samas. There is nothing there. I don't think we have issues that could be putting us in a situation where we're even considering [divorce]. So, no.' she said' The couple dated for years and have been married for nearly a decade. 


According to Gugu, she and Tira are solid, and they are still going strong. "I don't know this Sli, I only know her from this SUV challenge. She works with Tebogo and them." According to Gugu, Sli had been problematic since the beginning of the trip, but she chose to ignore her. "First there was a shortage of rooms and we suggested that people must share. I was also sharing with my friend TK, she had issues with that.' Gugu says she has known Tebogo since she was 14 when she first came into the industry. "Why would I want to sleep with Tebogo now when I have known him for years. This girl needs help, she is sick in her mind,' Gugu says. She adds that she and Tira laughed it off and they are still going strong. "I am happy in my marriage and there is nothing that can break us, not even her stupid allegations, she is the sick one who needs help,.' Gugu says, adding, "if Sli wants to fight, she must send her address. Cassper...I am ready to fight this girl on the ring professionally, or even on the streets.I am not scared of her." When contacted for comment DJ Tira said, "I am not moved, I trust my wife," Tebogo did not respond to our messages and ignored our calls.


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