December 12, 2022

Comedian Toll Ass Mo putting a stop to the nonsense!

Comedians Toll Ass Mo and Tumi Stopnonsons go at each other

He has come for everyone who was against him when he was down and out and accused of raping model Lerato Moloi. Mongezi "Toll AssMo' Mahlangu named and shamed people like TV presenter Thembisa Mdoda, poet NtsikiMazwai, Influencer Blue Mbombo, radio personality Penny Lebyane, GBV Activist RosieMotene and poet Lebo Mashile for saying she believed Lerato. "Mos of these women I have worked with. They know my integrity. They have been to my house,' TollAss Mo says.  "Thembisa Mdoda, how ironic, the shows she does like Uyaxoka, but she is the biggest liar. Why don't they interview her for lying? She f*cken lied about those kids, those are not Atandwa's kids,' he vented. Toll Ass Mo has since been cleared by the court of law from all the rape charges and he has opened a case against Lerato for loss of income, defamation, and trauma caused during the two years while the case was pending.


Sharing his story on the Podcast and Chill show with Magyver Mukhwevho and SolPhenduka, he also came for comedians whom he claims have stolen his comedy material and some have phoned him to ask to use his old jokes. "There are even comedians that when I retired were asking me for my material, calling me, and asking formy jokes,' says Toll Ass Mo. "Others were stealing my jokes.' And he referred to Tumi 'Stopnonsons' Matila as one of the comedians who stole his jokes."Stopnonsons out there talking sh*t. You wanna tell me you're doing AuntJumaima comedy? What the f*ck gay sh*t is that. That's not standup. Come to me my boy and I'll school you. Standup, Emmy-nominated comedian, me. '




Comedian and content creator Tumi "Stopnonsons' Matila has since responded to the accusations, calling Toll Ass Mo a fallen comedian, seeking relevance."Fallen off comedian trying to gain relevance using my name,' he says. "it's on! Since you don't have the guts to say shit to my face, I think it's time I honour the invite to Podcast and Chill, and trust me not even your bones will save us from this.' His fans advised him to ignore Toll Ass Mo's accusations, while some said, he must go to war. One fan says, "How is someone dealing with court cases and being cancelled, falling off?' Another says, "Shallow waters aren't for you bro! Keep swimming in the deep and keep flowing with the tides.' Another says, "I don't suspect this is a way of solving things. Let's leave that to the Hip-Hop cats. You folk's mission is to keep us laughing at all cost.'        


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